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Frequently Asked Questions

Got booking queries? Browse our FAQs for quick answers. Need more help? Our team is just a click away.

What happens if I change my passport after booking a tour?

If your tour requires passport details and you get a new passport after booking, send us copies of both your old and new passports immediately. This allows us to update your booking and avoid any issues with permits or entry that require passport verification.

Can I book now with my old passport number and update it later?

Yes, you can book with your old passport number. Should you receive a new passport before your tour, it’s crucial to provide us with copies of both passports to update your information.

I have dual citizenship. Which passport should I use to book my tour?

Book your tour using the passport you’ll be traveling with. If you switch passports or your details change post-booking, inform us and provide copies of both passports.

What if I need to book additional services or activities after my initial booking?

For adding services or activities, contact our customer service. We’ll assist with updates and any necessary price adjustments.

Are there any discounts available?

We offer discounts for students, large groups, and early bookings. Valid identification is required for student discounts. Contact us for details on group and early booking discounts.

What should I do if I accidentally enter incorrect data when booking?

Contact us immediately with the correct information if you make a mistake during booking. Provide a copy of your passport for tours requiring such information. Note that corrections might incur fees for reissuing tickets or permits.

How can I pay for the tour?

Visit our payment page at for a secure transaction. We accept major credit cards, debit cards, and PayPal. Contact us for assistance if needed.

How and when will my tour be confirmed?

After booking, you’ll receive an acknowledgment email. Within 24 hours, expect a confirmation email with your itinerary and reference. Contact us if you don’t receive these emails.

Do I need to confirm my booking before the tour date?

Yes, reconfirming your booking 24-48 hours before your tour is recommended.

What transaction fees apply to credit/debit card and PayPal payments?

Credit/debit card payments include a 4% fee, and PayPal transactions have a 6% fee plus USD 10. These are included in your checkout summary.

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